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We focus on servicing Texas and it's surrounding states, however, feel free to contact us regarding other states.

3 Way Trucking, Inc. is comprised of a Frac Sand Trucking division consisting of over 50 units with bulk pneumatic trailers (some are equipped with vacuum pneumatics), a Sand and Gravel Trucking Division consisting of 1 unit (dump trucks), a maintenance shop, a welding shop, a clean out service unit (sand conveyor), a rail transloader unit, and silo storage facilities.

All of 3 Way Trucking's sand orders and order dispatching are handled exclusively by Mike Garland, President, as well as Billy Garland and Dana Lauritsen, Relief Dispatchers. They make themselves available to you 24/7 for any questions concerning your sand delivery or pick up.

To ensure you that the location of your sand orders is always known, the drivers of 3 Way Trucking, Inc. always contact dispatch before loading and/or unloading.

Bulk Pneumatic Hauling

3 Way Trucking, Inc.'s main operation is bulk pneumatic hauling of frac sand. We keep all of our equipment serviced, maintained, and cleaned for quality service and the safety of employees and customers.

Sand Conveyor Clean Out and Rail Transloader

As of now 3 Way Trucking, Inc. has one sand conveyor unit and one rail transloader available for clean out and loading services. We charge a call out fee plus a per hour charge on top of that for the sand conveyor.

If your sand needs to be relocated or stored for later use, feel free to ask us about our bulk pneumatic hauling and silo sand storage services as well.

Sand Silo Storage Facilities

3 Way Tucking, Inc. has a silo storage facility located on site consisting of a total of 10 silos allowing customers  to store up to 10 different types of sand.

7 of our silos have the ability to hold 550,000-650,000 pounds of sand each along with 3 additional smaller silos with the capacity to hold approximately 130,000 pounds each.


To provide our customers with a more accurate measurement of the weight of sand being hauled and stored in our silo facilities we have installed a set of scales on site. This not only saves us money, but more importantly it saves our customers money and time, and provides them with accurate information.

Maintenance & Welding Shop

3 Way Trucking, Inc. has an onsite maintenance and welding shop. However, these services only pertain to our fleet and the equipment that other companies have leased to us. Although, not a part of our public service, we feel it is extremely important to have these services on hand to keep our trucks, trailers, silos, and other equipment up and running and maintained not only to provide the very best service, but for our employees and customers to have a safe and timely experience.